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Class Descriptions

Alignment II

An Anusara-style class offering detailed instruction for optimal physical alignment. This class takes the student into a depth of physical awareness that provides a uniquely effective practice for aligning body, breath and mind. 

All Levels

As the name says, open to all levels! There is something for everybody! 


Basic poses at a slower pace. This class is recommended for those totally new to yoga, beginners and/or students with health concerns.   


  Based on the modified primary series of an ashtanga-style practice. This class is recommended for those who are familiar with a Vinyasa flow style of class. 

Vinyasa Flow I & II

Vinyasa I is an introduction to a faster -paced, challenging practice that builds stamina and strength through a series of flowing poses. Appropriate for beginning Ashtanga-style and power yoga practitioners.  Vinyasa II Builds upon Beginner Vinyasa flow by adding more advanced poses and challenging transitions to the Beginner Vinyasa. Appropriate for experienced Ashtanga-style and power yoga practitioners.    

Yin Yoga

Targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine that normally are not accessed as deeply in a more active style of asana practice. Suitable for almost all levels of students! Come experience a new depth in your postures; a deeper range of motion; and an increase in energy flow.